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The BtVS/Angel Archive

Seven Days
Someone's missing Angel. (Faith/Angel)

On Life and Second Chances
Buffy thinks about what went wrong as she tries to make things right. (Buffy/Angel)

The Absence of Memory
Angel's feelings about the way he used to feel about Buffy.

Art in the Afternoon
Angel and Buffy have fun with paint. (Buffy/Angel)

Angel reflects on his relationship with Buffy. (Buffy/Angel)

Outside Looking In
Buffy's POV of Angel and the two people he shares his new life with. (R, Faith/Angel, Spike/Angel, Faith/Spike)

One Little Moment
Try as she might, there are some things Darla just can't forget. (Darla/Angel)

The Strangest Thing
The gang's all here, and there's not one apocolypse brewing. (BtVS/Angel ensemble)

Better Than Nothing
A quick Angel POV of things after the events of Reprise. (R, Darla/Angel)

How I Spent My New Year's Eve
Snippets of how Angel spent his New Year's Eve. (NC-17,Darla/Angel, Angel/Spike)

Faith's thoughts on her love for Angel. (NC-17, Faith/Angel)

Still Life
Buffy and Angel get creative. (R, Buffy/Angel)

After Midnight
Sometimes need is stronger than any other emotion. (NC-17, Buffy/Angelus)

All I Ever Wanted
Angelus finally gets what he wants. (R, Buffy/Angelus)

Game Of Chance
Angelus has some fun planned for Buffy. (NC-17, Buffy/Angelus)

A Thin Line
After being captured by Angelus, Buffy learns a lesson in pain and pleasure. (NC-17, Buffy/Angelus)

While his sire is keeping Dru occupied, a lonely Spike seeks out the Slayer to find out what it is about her that keeps Angelus so obsessed. (NC-17, Buffy/Spike)