after.midnight // v.naked TITLE: All I Ever Wanted
AUTHOR: Tamara
CONTENT: Sex, violence, character death
SUMMARY: Angelus finally gets what he wants. Angelus POV
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DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to Joss. And if I were one who tended to place blame, I'd say my massive fic induced headache was his, too.
DEDICATION: To Lex and Tink for all their help. And to Ryan, because without him I'd be a lot less happy than I am.


In the end she gave me everything I'd ever wanted. She gave me her body,
which I worshipped with lips, teeth, and tongue. She gave me her hear,
filled with both the love and the hatred I craved. Her soul cried out
for mine, and her misery when those calls went unanswered made me smile.
But she couldn't deny the passion between us. Her cries of ecstasy
echoing through the the halls of the mansion were a testament to it,
making something inside me sing with delight. Her core, tight and wet
and warm, clenching possessively around me, betraying her when her words
did not. But what she gave me next was more precious than all of that

She gave me her blood.

As my fangs sank deeply into her pulsing vein, she cried out, and her
voice calling out my name was surely the sweetest sound I'd ever heard.
Even that paled in comparison to the power. The first drop of blood on
my tongue slammed through my body and I shuddered from the force.
Instinctively, I thrust deeper inside her, the sounds of her pleasure
combined with the power of her blood overwhelming me. Mindlessly, I fed
from her, the mixture of emotions in her blood, the rage, hate, love,
and fear, blending together to create the most powerful drug. And like
an addict, I craved it, and I knew I would never find its equal.

It was only when her body lay lax beneath me mine, the pounding of her
her heart slowing to a faint beat, that I pulled away. She lay naked on
the cold stone floor, my seed damp on her thighs, wisps of golden hair
clinging to her face, her lips parted slightly as she took in shallow
breaths. My mark showed clearly on her neck, a sign of both our victory
and our defeat. For a moment I was tempted to leave her there, to let
her die there on that floor, showing man, demon, and God that only I had
bested this Slayer, who was feared by so many, who had destroyed demons
more powerful than I. Most of all, I wanted her Watcher and her friends
to see just how much their Slayer was willing to give up for me, the
demon who delighted in every ounce of their pain.

Then I remembered her blood, sweet and potent, heady and intoxicating.

I grabbed a dagger from the mantle above the fireplace, returning
quickly to her side. Kneeling beside her, I took her head in my hands,
resting it gently on my lap. Holding the blade to my wrist, I sliced
open the skin, watching as the blood, her blood, ran down my arm.
Placing my wrist at her lips, I coaxed her to drink. As the blood slid
down her throat, her eyes blinked open and she moaned, sucking eagerly
at the wound.

She walked in that night willing to do anything to save the ones she
loved. And she gave me everything I asked for, her body, her soul, her
life. But it wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted her.