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"Fancy meeting you here."

Buffy looked up from her post-patrol perusal of the park at the sound of the familiar voice. She smiled slightly when she saw Spike emerge from the shadows, looking very different from from his formerly wheelchair bound self.

"You're walking," she observed, eyebrow raised. "I'm happy for you."

Spike's eyes narrowed as he looked at the Slayer. She was sitting on a bench, legs crossed, arms spread out as she leaned back. She looked way too relaxed and he had plans for making that change. When he got through with her, the Slayer was going to be very hot and bothered and demanding to be served.

"Out hunting?" he asked as he sat down beside her.

Buffy shifted her position so that she faced him. "I was done hunting hours ago. I'm just hanging out. Are you hunting?"

Spike smiled. "No, finished that hours ago," he said, mimicking her slightly bored tone.

She frowned. "So, what are you doing here?"

Spike affected a sigh. "I'm talking to you."

The look on his face was so disappointed that she couldn't help the laugh that escaped her. She immediately shut her mouth when he shot her an angry glance. They were silent for a while, each lost in their own thoughts. Buffy broke the silence.

"Where's Dru?" she asked curiously. "I'd figured you wouldn't go three steps without her." She knew when she looked back into Spike's eyes that she had hit a nerve. Smiling as the chance to upset her favorite enemy she said, "So, the happy couple's having domestic problems. And here I thought you two had the healthiest unhealthy relationship in Sunnydale."

Spike shot her a disgusted glance before getting up and pacing in front of the bench. Buffy watched in amusement for minutes, as Spike muttered angrily to himself about betraying princesses and obsessively insane wankers. But after a moment the pacing started to annoy her and she sighed.

"Spike!," she called out in exasperation. "Either sit and talk or go pace somewhere else. I'm here to relieve tension, not induce it."

He halted his steps and looked at her, his eyes searching for something. When he was satisfied he sat down again.

"Relieve tension, is that what you do?" he asked when he looked at her. When she nodded, he smiled. "And how much exactly do you charge to relieve tension?"

Buffy gasped at the comment, her eyes narowing in anger. "That was low."

He laughed, but didn't stop his teasing. It wasn't as if she didn't deserve it. "You did a bang upjob with Angel. It's nice how tension free he is these days without that pesky soul of his weighing him down."

The next thing Spike knew he was lying on the ground, holding his jaw. Buffy stood over him a small, yet evil smile on her lips.

"Is that all you wanted to say?" she asked, hands on her hips, fire still flashing in her eyes. "'Cause if it's not, I'm still in a fighting mood."

Spike shot her another disgusted look and pulled himself to his feet. "Don't ever let it be said that you can't throw a punch, luv."

"Thank you," she replied with a smile, pulling herself out of fighting stance. "I do strive to be the best."

"And according to Angel you've still got a ways to go," he replied sindely, still smarting from her lucky punch.

Refusing to rise to the bait, Buffy sat back down on the bench, crossing her arms across her chest, trying hard and failing miserably to look unaffected by Spike's taunts.

Spike watched her with a smile, wondering just how far he could tease the almighty Slayer before she tried to ram a stake through his chest.

"He did say you were a great student," he continued as he watched her. "He had a great deal of things to say about how talented your tongue was. And I don't think I'll ever forget the look on his face when he talked about--"

"How do we compare?" Buffy asked, interrupting him. She was not going to listen to one more word about what Angel had to say about their time together. Especially not from Spike.

Spike stopped speaking as he turned to look at her. "What was that, pet?"
She smiled. "According to Angel, how do we compare? Drusilla and I?"

"Exactly where are you going with this?," he asked, his eyes narrowed in wariness and confusion.

Buffy shrugged. "Nowhere. I'm just wondering how I rate over Dru. I mean they were together, in every possible sense of the word, years ago. I wonder if he thinks she's improved since her time with you. I mean how does an innocent compare to a veteran like Dru?"

She stood up and walked over to where Spike was watching her, a mixture of dislike and reluctant admiration in his eyes.

"I think Angel would give me top points for enthusiasm," she contiued as she compared. "since I was the one that seduced him. Dru would win for experience, but since virgins appeal to you so I'm guessing I'd get bonus points for that, too. Let's see, he's already stated I've got great tongue skills so chalk more points up for me. I think Dru would beat me out on the screaming. Something tells me she can be quite vocal. I think we'd be pretty much tied on our abiltity to stand pain, although Dru would probably get an extra point or two. Being nutty makes you game for everything and if he wanted to try out the latest torture techniques, I'd figure she'd jump for joy for the whips and chains." She stopped speaking and turned back to face Spike. "Anything else," she asked, quite sure she'd taught Spike a lesson or two about messing with her. Too bad she hadn't factored in the extreme level of anger Spike felt toward his sire for stealing his girl.

Buffy shrieked as Spike grabbed her arms, hauling her roughly against him. "You know, luv, you talk good game. Let's see how well you do action."

Buffy's eyes widened in surprise. "Spike! Are you crazy?"

He shook his head. "Not as crazy as some," he replied. "I just got a sudden urge to see if Angel scored you right."

"You are crazy," she muttered, struggling slightly. Spike held her firmly in his arms, as he backed her up against a brick wall. "We can't do this. You don't like me. How can you have sex with me if you don't like me?" When she saw Spike's exasperated expression at her comment she smiled sheepishly. "Okay. Stupid question. But why would you want to?"

"Slayer, you may annoy me and I may have a thing for killing you, but let's get a few things straight," he said, his hands running lightly over her body. "I'm horny. Drusilla's been having the time of her life keeping "Daddy" happy that she's left me a little neglected. That I'm stooping low enough to screw a Slayer just shows how desperate I am."

Buffy sniffed indignantly at that. "I'll have you know that many a guy would be happy to screw me, thank you very much." As Spike's smile widened at her words, she groaned. "What's the second thing?"

"Second, you are not in any way, shape or form ugly," he continued. He undid the buttons of her shirt, his hands roaming over her silk covered breasts, his thumbs caressing her nipples, causing them to harden in reaction to his touch. "I'm a vampire, we have needs and, right now, you suit mine just fine."

Buffy moaned as Spike undid the front clasp of her bra and cupped her breasts in his hands. She arched her back, pushing herself into his hands and he chuckled. He leaned forward, his lips nuzzling her neck.

"And the last thing?" Buffy questioned, as she tried to tell herself that just because Spike was having a happy good time giving her one hell of a hickey didn't mean she had to stake him. Especially when she was having a happy good time getting the hickey.

The vampire pulled himself reluctantly away from the Slayer's neck. Looking into her eyes he smiled. "And lastly, I've always wanted to know if you fuck as well as you fight." That said he planted his lips firmly on hers, determined to make the very talkative Slayer incoherent.

Buffy gasped at the force of Spike's mouth on hers and he took full advantage. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth and soon hers rose to meet his. As their tongues dueled, Buffy's hands explored. As she stripped Spike's shirt from his body, her hands roamed frantically over the naked flesh of his chest, Spike dragged his mouth from hers and worked his way down her body.

He took one rose tinted nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around it before sucking gently. His smiled against her breast as Buffy's hands cupped the back of his head, pulling him closer. He turned his attention to the other breast, taking the nipple between his teeth and biting gently. Buffy moaned as he alternately bit and sucked her nipple, soothing the pain he caused with pleasure. When he finally left her breasts, Buffy growled in protest.

"Patience, luv," Spike whispered as his lips worked their way down her body. "We've got all night." Kneeling in front of her, he dipped his tongue in her navel then ran his hands under Buffy's short leather skirt. Looking up, he smiled teasingly at her. "Have I ever told you how much I love the things you wear?" Lifting the skirt to gather around her waist, he hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her silk panties, pulling them down and off her.

Buffy groaned as Spike hooked one of her legs over his shoulder and his lips trailed kisses up the inside if her thigh. Parting the delicate lips of her sex, he slipped a finger inside her core, smiling when he felt how wet she was for him. Slowly, his tongue flicked her clit and her hips bucked in response. He held her hips still as he fastened his lips around her clit and sucked gently, his tongue dipping in and out her heat. As the Slayer thrashed above him, Spike held her still, his tongue ruthlessly attacking her sex. When he felt her nearing completion, he pulled back, denying her what she wanted most.

Buffy's eyes flew open and she stared, eyes flashing, at a smiling Spike. "Why did you stop," she asked, her voice echoing through the night. "I was almost there and you stopped!"

Trying hard to stifle laughter at her rage, Spike's eyes darkened in appreciation as the Slayer stood before him, more furious than he'd ever seen her. With her skirt around her waist, her panties around her ankles, and her shirt wide open revealing perfectly rounded breasts and creamy white skin, he knew he'd never seen her look better.

"You looked good pissed, luv," he stated simply, waiting for her to calm down.

Buffy stopped shouting, her eyes narrowing as she stared up at Spike. She stepped forward and ran her hands down his chest, stopping only to undo the belt on his jeans. She unzipped his pants, slipped her hand inside and pulled out his cock. Stroking it slowly, she brushed her breasts against his chest, her tongue gliding over his neck and to his ear. She took his earlobe between her lips, nibbling the flesh.

"Spike," she whispered in his ear, smiling when she heard his stifled groan. "I want you inside me. Hard. Deep. Now."

Never one to deny a lady what she wanted, Spike pulled Buffy down to the ground, spread her legs wide and positioned himself over her. Placing his hands on either side of her, he leaned down, fused his lips with hers and buried himself as deep as he could inside of her. Without abandoning her lips, he pulled out of her and slowly thrust into her again. Taking his time, he drove methodically into her, driving Buffy crazy as her body demanded fulfillment.

Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting each stroke of him inside her with a thrust of her own. "Spike, as much as I'm loving this, please...don't make me beg."

Spike chuckled, speeding up his thrusts slightly. "Luv, maybe I want you to beg."

Less than two seconds later, Spike found himself once again on his back on the grass, a very angry Slayer above him. She rocked on him as his hands guided her thrusts. Taking his hand in hers, Buffy guided their entwined fingers to her clit and together they stroked her to orgasm as he slammed violently into her.

Spike's name echoed through the stillness of the park as Buffy came, her body trembling as waves of pleasure washed through her. Spike promptly flipped her back over, thrusting deep inside her twice more before her clenching muscles pushed over the edge with her. He collapsed beside her, pulling her into his arms as he struggled to catch breath he didn't need.

When she finally took in enough air, she announced in her best Cordelia impression, "I do *not* beg." The regal tone she strived so hard for was destroyed when she burst into peals of laughter, Spike joining her soon after.

"No, luv, that you don't," Spike replied between chuckles.

They laid there in the grass arms wrapped around each other as their laughter echoed in the wind. Suddenly, Buffy sat up and placed a quick kiss on Spike's lips.

"So, did you get your answer," she asked, her voice filled with innocent curiousity.

"And what answer would that be, pet,?"

She smiled. "You said you wanted to know if I fucked as well as I fought," she reminded him. She straddled him again, her lips trailing down his chest. When her lips grazed his abdomen Spike tensed. "Did you get your answer?"

Spike looked down at the Slayer, sighing when she ran her tongue along the length of his cock. When she took him into her mouth, her teeth lightly grazing him, he closed his eyes.

"Oh, yeah, luv," he groaned as she sucked him gently. "Hell, you might just do this better."

The End!