after.midnight // v.naked TITLE: How I Spent My New Year's Eve
AUTHOR: Tamara
RATING: NC-17 -a bit of Darla/Angel, a couple slashy moments, courtesy of S/A and D/D. Oh, and that plot to commit murder.
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SUMMARY: Snippets of how Angel spent his New Year's Eve
DISCLAIMER: Joss and Company own 'em. I don't.
NOTES: Not my usual, and I'm still iffy on whether or not it's actually good, but the idea came and I had to run with it.
DEDICATION: This one's for me. And for Kita, who told me, once upon a time, that I could do slash. I'm still not sure about that, but she did help to release my inner slash whore. And for that I'm eternally grateful.


New Year's Eve
12 hours til midnight

~Oh, where, oh, where, has my battle ax gone?~

"If that damn thing beeps one more time..." Angel muttered angrily as he tore frantically through, what Cordelia had dubbed, "The Weapon Room". His pager, which sat on the desk, had first sounded fifteen minutes ago, pulling him from a deep, dreamless sleep, his first peaceful sleep in weeks. Since then it had sounded repeatedly at two minute intervals, reminding him of the group of people he was supposed to be saving.

If only he could find his damn ax.

The pager went off again, the sound reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard to his frayed nerves, sending the extremely frustrated vampire over the edge and into an abyss of inexplicable fury.

Angrily, he strode over to the front desk, grabbed the offending object and hurled it at the wall across the room. He watched with unholy glee as it shattered into pieces and the annoying beeping was silenced.

His one moment of contentment was dashed, however, as he remembered that he still couldn't find his damn ax.

And then he spotted it, lying next to the bookcase beside Cordelia's desk. He considered throwing it at something and watching it smash to pieces, but he needed the damn thing to kill the demons. Instead, he resolved to take out his frustration on the bad guys. Feeling marginally better, he grabbed his coat off the couch and walked out of the hotel, slamming the door behind him.

It was going to be a very long day.


8 hours until midnight

~N. O. Two letters. One very simple meaning.~

"Cordelia, for the last time, I'm not coming."

Angel sighed in exasperation as his former assistant once again failed to comprehend what he was saying to her. He considered just hanging up. Imagining the look on her face when she realized that he had disconnected the call made him smile. But once she realized what happened she'd probably hightail it over there and the last thing he needed was Cordelia ranting and raving about his rudeness. One moment of pleasure just wasn't worth the time she'd take to yell at him.

There was a second, more effective option, one that was quick and simple and more than a bit tempting. But, while killing her had its good points, the method of death would lead back to the most obvious suspect. Him. Kate was already looking for an excuse to fry him, he didn't want drop a reason right into her lap. No, if he drained Cordelia of all her blood he'd have to get rid of the body and that would lead to making up some bogus story to cover up her disappearence, not to mention coming up with someplace to store her where she wouldn't turn up again. Of course, he could just kill her outright, leaving a bloody mess all over the place, but Dennis would probably put a stake though his heart before he could even get out the door. And what kind of vampire would he be if he wasted all that blood?

"Are you even listening to me?"

The question, which Cordelia had pratically shouted into the phone, pulled Angel from his murder plots and back into the present. Killing Cordelia was bad, he reminded himself, as she went on. Cordelia was his friend and, no matter how much she annoyed him, he loved her. Besides, he didn't really want her dead. At least not most of the time.

But he still wasn't going to her damn party. No amount of persuading or love was going to make him do that.

"Cordelia," he said after a moment, politely interrupring her. "Unfortunately, I have other plans and I can't make it. But thank you for thinking of me."

The polite tone caught her by surprise and Angel could see the gears turning in her head, wondering just what it was that he had planned. But he continued, knowing it was best to get this conversation over with as soon as possible, if not for his sake then definitely for Cordelia's. Killing her would be so very easy and his control these days wasn't what it used to be.

"I've really got to run, okay," he said, smiling when she agreed. "I'll talk to you soon. Your check is in the mail. Bye."

He hung up the phone and sighed. "One down," he said, picking up the phone and dialing Wesley's number. "Two more to go."


5 hours until midnight

~Just when things were starting to look up.~

For two blissful hours, there had been peace. He was alone, a good book in his hand, a good drink by his side. Cordelia was having her party, without him. Wesley was celebrating with Virginia, without him. Gunn was doing whatever it was he did, without him. His former employees were all busy and they weren't bothering him. Life could not have been sweeter.

Which meant there was only one way to go: down.

He'd been hoping that life would be nice to him, just this once. Hoping that all his good deeds would equal him getting some well deserved peace. The timid knocking on his door shattered that dream, and for the first time in a while he cursed the Powers that Be.

With a sigh, he got up from his seat and strode over to the door, opening it reluctantly. Seeing who was on the other side, he raised a brow. "What crimes against humanity have I committed today?" he asked, his tone laced with sarcasm.

Kate had the grace to look slightly sheepish as she gave him a tremulous smile. "I didn't come here to fight," Kate said and, for once, Angel believed her. "But I thought you'd like to know."

Angel wasn't all that sure he really wanted to, but he stepped aside and let her come in. "What's up?" he asked, leaning against the door.

Kate's eyes darted quickly around the room before coming to rest once again on the vampire. "Your girls showed up," she said lightly. "Holding a group of teenagers hostage. They're asking for you."

Except for the lift of one brow, Angel's expression didn't change a bit. "They asked for me?"

Kate nodded. "Cop on scene said the brunette was asking for Daddy." She paused for a moment, watching him intently. "That mean something to you?"

Angel just stared at her. "You tell me," he replied. When it was obvious she wasn't going to speak, he sighed. He moved away from the door and went into the bedroom, leaving Kate staring after him in disbelief. "Where are they at?" he called out from the bedroom.

"Some club not far from here," Kate answered.

Angel emerged from the bedroom a moment later, his blue shirt replaced with a black one. He stopped to put on his coat. "Show me where and I'll handle them," he told her as he slipped a couple of stakes into his pockets.

Kate nodded and walked over to the door. Opening it, she looked back at Angel. "Are you planning on killing them?" she asked, waiting for his reply.

He simply shrugged and ushered her out the door, closing the door behind them.

It wasn't until she was back at home that Kate realized he'd never really answered her question.


3 hours until midnight

~This wasn't how this was supposed to go.~

Okay, so it wasn't exactly part of his plan. He hadn't really gotten far beyond the basics on the short drive to The Asylum, the club where Dru and Darla were waiting for him. He'd just been thinking, save the kids and get Darla and Dru back on his turf. He got through the first part pretty well and the group of teenagers were safe and back at home with their parents. And not one drop of blood had been spilled. It was like a little after Christmas miracle. Or it would have been if he believed in miracles. His faith was taking a vacation this month.

But then Darla had gotten fiesty and Drusilla had gotten almost coherent. That way lead to trouble and he just didn't want to deal with the possible consequences. So, thinking all the while what an extremely bad idea it was, he led his girls to his car and took them home with him. He was just glad that Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn weren't there. Maybe firing them hadn't been such a bad idea after all.

At least Dru had mellowed a bit. She was currently sitting out in the garden, communing with her stars, having a happy good time in her little world. And Darla, well Darla was doing what she did best. And succeeding quite nicely, Angel thought.

It was the last coherent thought he had before Darla's talented little mouth, warm from recent feeding, closed around his oh so very needy cock, deprived of attention (male or female) for quite a while. Pushing those thoughts from his head, he concentrated on the here and now. Here, in his cozy little bedroom, candles the scent of rain providing the only light. Now, with Darla straddling his waist, lowering herself onto his rigid length, taking him deep inside.

Things were definitely starting to look up.


1 and a half hours until midnight

~Welcome to the Dysfunctional Family Reunion~

The only thing missing was a village to destroy.
Spike had shown up at a quarter til eleven, bursting through the front doors of the hotel, carrying a bottle of expensive champagne and a variety of other things designed to get you as drunk as possible in less than an hour. Drusilla had shrieked, her misery that the stars had stopped speaking to her to go play with the moon forgotten as she threw herself into his arms.

Angel could tell that Drusilla was the last person he expected, and the older vampire wondered what exactly his wayward child had planned for the two of them. Unbidden came the memories of how they celebrated all those years ago when they were together. He could clearly remember the feel of Spike's lips on his, their tongues dueling as they kissed. He could still remember Spike's mouth closing over his cock, taking him deep inside, sucking him so hard it took all of his power not to come right then and there. He could remember plunging deep inside him, feeling the blond vampire clench around his shaft, his whimpers and pleas echoing sweetly in his ears. He could still remember the ultimate satisfaction, his teeth tearing into his childe's vein, savoring every drop of blood as it flowed into his mouth and the sound of Spike howling his name as he came.

He'd been pulled from his thoughts as Spike strolled further into the room, Drusilla clinging to his side as though they'd never been apart. But he more than anyone knew how much time had past, how many things had changed. But Dru wanted to pretend that they were, once again, a family. And since, when everything was said and done he'd probably have to kill her, Angel let her have her wish.

Taking the bottle of champagne from Spike, he'd taken Drusilla's hand in his and led the two of them up the stairs.

Let the party begin.


10 seconds until midnight

~Let the countdown begin. OR Whoever comes first drinks last.~

It was almost too much. Spike's mouth around his cock, taking him as deep as he could, the sight of Drusilla's head buried between Darla's thighs, her fingers moving frantically inside her, was almost enough to push him over the egde.


But it *was* just enough for Darla.

With five seconds to midnight left, Darla came, screaming Drusilla's name as her hips bucked against her mouth.

Five seconds later, as the clock struck midnight, Angel let go, his voice echoing through the room as he climaxed, spurting his seed down the younger vampire's throat. Completely sated, Angel sat up, his gaze on Spike's so far neglected cock, a wicked gleam in his chocolate brown eyes. It had been so long, too long, in fact, and just the thought of taking Spike into his mouth, of swallowing him whole was enough to make his mouth water. Unfortunately, Drusilla beat him to it, impaling herself on Spike's shaft before he even had a chance to act.


But his disappointment was short lived as he felt Darla's teeth sink into his neck, his cock hardening at the pleasurable pain.

For the first time in years, Angel planned to start the new year right.