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Title: Enlightening Will Turner
Author: Tamara
Series: Sharing Will Turner
Rating: R - because there's sex and sex always gets an R.
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth, and the suggestion of Jack/Will
Summary: Elizabeth knows all, and she enlightens her husband in the most pleasurable way. Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and all the lovely characters belong to Disney. I own nothing but this story.
Distribution: My page, eventually. You want it, drop me a line, we'll discuss.
A/N: I liked "Sharing Will Turner" so much that I had to continue. I'm posting part 3 before part 2 because 3 just flowed better than 2 did. And part 2 is the one with Jack, and he's giving me trouble. There may be a part 4, wherein all the lovely characters fall naked onto the captain's bed and have hot, sweaty, acrobatic sex. But I highly doubt that. I don't do orgies. All those gyrating bodies freak me out.
A/N2: I haven't written sex in so long, I'm starting to forget how to do it.


When Will slipped inside her, after almost an hour of teasing her body with hands and mouth, teeth and tongue, Elizabeth almost forgot the reason why she started on this path in the first place. As he moved within her, his pace slow and steady, her mind went blank and all she could do was feel; the thick, hard length of him filling her, the sharp angles of his hips against the inside of her thighs, the warmth of his breath against her neck, the strength of the fingers wrapped around her wrist as he thrust inside her, the wet roughness of his tongue as it tangled sweetly with her own.

She'd been worried, in those hectic days before the wedding, that the love between them, strong and real, yet very innocent, would not translate into passion, an emotion lacking in many of the marriages she'd seen over the years. Will had done his best to reassure her, when she told him of her fears, flashing her that earnest little smile, the one that made her knees weak and her heart rate quicken, as he brushed his lips against hers. And while she tried her best not to dwell on it, to remember that Will would not suddenly declare he no longer loved her if things didn't go strictly as planned, she hadn't been completely sure until the night before the wedding, when Will's hands glided over her body and his lips followed the path of his touch, making her feel things she'd only dared to dream about.

It was at moments likes these, her fingers gripping his shoulders, nails digging into smooth, tanned skin, as his thrusts picked up speed, creating the most delicious sensations within her, that she knew no matter how long they were together, or whatever else happened between them, she would always want Will, in her heart and in her bed.

And while Will was trying his very best to send her into happy, sated oblivion, that place where colors were the brightest they'd ever been and sounds had never sounded so clear, she didn't quite forget that she, too, was on a mission.

So, when Will pulled out of her, just before he plunged deep once again, she focused her gaze on the deep brown orbs of the man she loved. "Will," she said on a gasp, "have you and Jack--"

She trailed off when she noticed a flicker of something familiar in Will's eyes at the name of their captain, and his next thrust touched her in places her husband had not previously discovered and she had not known she had. It made her lose her train of thought as what could only be called a whimper issued from her lips.

"Have Jack and I what?" Will asked a second later, as his lips brushed against hers and his hips did something especially wicked. Her eyes drifted shut and her mind went blank and Will had to repeat his question. "Liz, have Jack and I what?"

It was the tone, smug and knowing, that had her opening her eyes again. "Have you and Jack," she began, breaking off to do that whimpering thing again, "ever done...what we're doing...right now?"

There was sudden cessation of all movement and, alarmed, Elizabeth squirmed beneath Will in an attempt to get him to keep doing what he had been doing. But her husband could be very stubborn and extremely determined and when he wanted movement stopped, it stopped.

For a moment they lay there, on the very edge of release, her eyes locked on his. "No," he replied finally, though the movement didn't continue. "Why do you ask?"

Elizabeth smiled and tightened her legs around his waist, a subtle reminder to the man she loved of what she wanted. She was rewarded when Will's hips moved again and, just like that, the pleasure was back.

"I only ask," she panted between thrusts, "because Jack wants you." Will hit that spot again, with more force than before, and she cried out. "I can tell, every time he looks at you," she struggled to continue. "Every time you're...together, there's this...look in his eye, almost exactly like the one you give me right before you strip me out of my clothes and have your way with me."

Will didn't reply, focusing instead on the task at hand, and if Elizabeth didn't love him as much as she did, she would have let that be the end. But love him she did, more than life itself, and they needed to clear the air.

"It's the same look you get in your eyes," she said breathlessly, "when you watch him."

At that moment, everything went out of focus, the world narrowing down to her and Will, the bed beneath them, the reality of him inside her, the way they made each other feel, and when she went over the edge and plunged into ecstasy, Will's mouth muffled the sound of her screams. When he followed her seconds later her name was on his lips, but she knew Jack was in his head.

Will collapsed against her, his head resting between her breasts, and she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. "I love you," she whispered, brushing a kiss against his brow.

He looked up into her eyes and smiled. "I love you."

"And you love Jack," she said, smiling slightly.

He shot her a look. "And I love Jack," he confirmed with a roll of his eyes. "And Jack loves himself."

"And his ship."

"And when people remember to call him Captain."

At that, Elizabeth laughed, feeling lighthearted and mellow, the usual after effects of lovemaking with Will. "And Jack loves a blacksmith and pirate named Will Turner," she said softly. When Will looked more than a little skeptical, she smiled. "I didn't say he was aware of it yet."

Will turned over on his back, pulling her with him, and covered them with the sheets. He stroked her hair absently as he looked into her eyes. "And this doesn't bother you?" he asked softly.

Elizabeth shook her head. "I've spent the last four months living on the Black Pearl under the command of Captain Jack Sparrow," she said, amusement lacing her tone. "I've looted treasure and sunk ships and followed you and Jack into situations even a madman wouldn't tackle. I think I can handle my husband lusting after the captain." Then, as an idea occurred to her, she flashed him a smile. "Just think of the benefits for me."

"Why Mrs. Turner," Will said as he lowered his mouth to hers. "I had no idea you were so wicked."

"I'm a pirate, love," she reminded him when the need for air forced them apart. "Wickedness is a requirement of the job."

They spoke no more of Jack that night, taking advantage of their time together and focusing on each other. But when they fell into exhausted sleep several hours later, Elizabeth knew her point had been made.

And she briefly wondered if enlightening Jack Sparrow would be as much fun as doing the same for Will Turner.