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Title: To Governor's House We Go
Author: Tamara
Rating: R - because sex, no matter how tame, always gets an R. And some angst, at the end. I couldn't help myself.
Series: Sharing Will Turner
Summary: Back in Port Royal, where Elizabeth must do her duty, Will makes a whole lot of swords, and Jack is still public enemy number one.
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and all of its characters belong to Disney.
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A/N: I'm done complaining about the muse. I'm just going to write the damn fics as they come to me and be grateful something is going on in my head.


Will absently wiped the sweat from his brow as he brought the hammer down on the length of steel in his hands. He hadn't realized, until he walked inside the forge that had once been his home, just how much he had missed the feel of a hammer in his hands, shaping steel into something deadly and beautiful. And because he knew that their time in Port Royal would be short, he had spent as much of his spare time in the shop as he could.

"How much longer are you going to keep this up, mate?" Jack asked from the corner of the room. He'd been sitting there for hours, watching Will work. And as pretty as the boy was, all sweaty and soot smudged and muscles rippling under the strain, the novelty was starting to wear off. He'd much rather Will's muscles were straining for different, more pleasurable reasons. "Think of all the other things we could be doing."

Will shot Jack a look of annoyance. "You don't have to just sit there," he reminded the man. "Go, explore the town, steal from little old ladies. Or better yet, go get amazingly drunk at the nearest tavern."

Jack rolled his eyes, cursing himself as he did so. Will's little eye rolling habit was becoming an epidemic, already claiming Elizabeth and Jack as victims. "As lovely as those sound, they weren't exactly what I had in mind, luv."

The wanton look in Jack's dark eyes told Will exactly what activities his captain was thinking of engaging in and he shook his head, as tempting as the idea was. He would be spending the evening with Elizabeth's father and some of the town's most elite citizens, something he was not looking forward to at all. Since the chances were good that, at some point during the very dull evening, the subject of pirates was bound to come up (and a few pointed looks in his direction for what many people saw as his unprincipled corruption of the Governor's daughter), he planned on pounding out as much frustration as he could while he had the chance before he was forced to play the role of son-in-law.

"You're shameless," he remarked, turning his attention back to his work. "And insatiable. And the answer is no."

Jack frowned, not at all happy. "As if you and Elizabeth aren't always sneaking off," the captain muttered under his breath. "I thought people stopped having sex after marriage."

Will laughed at that. "Elizabeth and I are not most people," he said with a smile. "And you should know that better than anyone."

Jack just sighed, knowing he would get absolutely nowhere with Will in his current state. If there was one thing he learned about the blacksmith (and part of him hated the fact that he actually liked discovering the things that made Will the man he was) in the last six months it was that, once he put his mind to something, nothing less than an act of God, or extremely clever hands, would deter him from his course.

Jack thought about trying the clever hands bit, eyed the hot steel in the blacksmith's hands, and wisely, decided against it. While he would risk many things to keep Will in his bed (as evidenced by his presence in Port Royal, where Commodore Norrington was still very much determined to see him hang), losing a hand was not one of them.

So, Jack got up from his seat and headed towards the door, stopping only long enough to kiss Will senseless, to let him know exactly what he was missing out on. He was gratified to see the look of regret Will gave him as he sauntered out the door.

"Don't get caught, " Will reminded him sternly. "If I have to rescue you again, the consequences will not be pretty."

Jack smiled, amusement twinkling in his eyes. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, love. I never get caught."


Will was not going to be happy.

Strangely enough, that wasn't what worried him the most. While the young blacksmith had learned to be a bit more ruthless since he'd met Jack (he lived on a pirate ship after all, some things were bound to change), he liked the captain a bit too much to actually hurt him, or at least without provocation, no matter how often the urge struck. And the urge struck him at least a hundred times a day.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was a different story altogether. And while he was pretty sure the girl loved him, because, really, how could she not, she was not nearly as nice as her husband. No, Liz was feisty and strong-willed and she had quite the temper. She held a grudge like no one he'd ever met, and she was not above deception to achieve her goals.

If Elizabeth Swann had not been your average Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Turner was not your average loving wife. And she was a much better pirate than anyone gave her credit for.

Just thinking of what Elizabeth would do to him, when Norrington told her, and he would tell her, there was no doubt of that, that he had captured Captain Jack Sparrow, made the captain shudder.

"Liz is definitely going to kill me," he said to the empty cell.

Jack glanced about the jail, looking for some way to get out. The little dog from his last visit was missing, and the keys were nowhere to be found. Examining the bars, he tried to remember what Will had told him the day he'd broken him out of jail that first time so many months ago, and sighed when the words were lost to other, more recent memories. One memory in particular made him smile and he didn't notice that he was no longer alone until his visitor spoke.

"From the extremely silly look on your face, I have a feeling you're thinking about a certain blacksmith," Ana said, amusement coloring her tone.

Startled, Jack jumped up, his eyes narrowing when he spotted Ana standing a few feet away. "I have no idea what you're talking about, luv," he said, feigning innocence.

But Jack hadn't been innocent for a very long time, and it was debatable that he ever had been, and he failed to pull it off.

Ana just shook her head, but didn't comment on the obviousness of that lie. "Looking for these?" she asked instead, dangling the ring of keys from her finger.

For the first time in forever, Jack was actually happy to see Ana. "Get me out of here," he demanded when Ana continued to smile at him. "Now, Anamaria."

Ana rolled her eyes, not intimidated in the least. "What exactly were you doing when you got caught?" she asked as she let her captain out of his cell.

"That'd be none of your business, luv," he said as he dusted himself off and headed for the stairs.

Ana gave him a look. "I'm sure Liz would love to know where you spent your afternoon," she remarked as she moved past him and out the door. "Just think of the things I could tell her."

Jack grabbed her arm, halting her. "You wouldn't dare."

Ana smiled. "Oh, yes, I would."

Jack's eyes flashed dangerously as he stalked off. "I had to go and find the two most infuriating women in all of the Caribbean and make them part of the crew," he muttered to himself. He turned back to Ana and glared at her. "You know, I should have just let Liz drown that day. And I should have killed you when I stole your bloody ship."

Ana laughed, for an upset Jack had never failed to amuse her. "Just think of all you'd be missing if you never would have met her," she told him, taking pity on the man. "And it was my bloody ship that got you there." She gave the captain a small smile. "As I see it, you should be thanking me."

It would be a cold day in hell before that happened, so Jack walked away, knowing that Ana would follow.

And after an afternoon in the Port Royal jail, Jack needed a drink.


Elizabeth stood in front of the wardrobe in her room, eying the corset hanging there with trepidation. It had been over six months since she had last worn the offending garment, the day she and Will had gotten married, and the thought of wearing one again was not a pleasant.

One of the things she loved most about being away from Port Royal was the freedom to do as she pleased, not bound by the rules of society, not privy to the curious eyes and whispering tongues of the townspeople. She had done the unthinkable, marrying a man so below her in station, and then shocked people again when she'd done the insane and left a life of privilege behind to join her husband on a pirate ship. By following Will, she'd gained much more than she'd lost, and she found that she didn't miss Port Royal nearly as much as she thought she would.

But, every once in a while, she felt the need to come home, to visit her father and remind herself just how lucky she was. That, of course, meant that while she was there, she had a responsibility to her father, an obligation to be the Governor's daughter and all that entailed. And, really, she didn't mind having dinner with her father, the Commodore, and eleven of Port Royals most important citizens. It was the least she could do for her father, who had not been happy with his daughter's choices, of husband or lifestyle. So, she would do her duty, be what she had been born into, and make her father, if not happy, then at least content.

That did not mean she liked having to wear the corset.

"Staring at it isn't going to make it disappear, luv," Jack said as he casually sauntered into the room.

Behind him she could see a maid she didn't recognize standing in the hallway looking panicked. Elizabeth waved the maid away and closed the door, turning back to pin Jack with an angry glare. "What did you do to that poor girl?" she asked as she made her way over to him.

Jack shrugged and made himself comfortable on the bed. "I'm a pirate, remember?" he said, flashing her a smile. "The most feared pirate in all the Caribbean."

Elizabeth gave him a look that clearly said he was delusional. "Get your feet off the bed," she demanded.

"Being here makes you uptight," he observed, but did as he was told. "I'd almost forgotten."

Elizabeth ignored him, not at all in the right state of mind to deal with the captain. Instead, she slipped off her robe and draped it over the chair in front of the vanity. Jack sat up in bed, his eyes raking appreciatively over her form. "Where is Will?" she asked as she grabbed the corset and wrapped it around her. Walking over to the bed, she presented her back to Jack. "Help me, would you?"

It seemed that Captain Jack was in rare form today because he got up from his seat and started tying the laces of Elizabeth's corset without one word of protest. "Mr. Turner was hammering away in his shop when boredom set in and I left," Jack informed her after he finished lacing her stays. "Knowing our Will he is still there."

Elizabeth turned to Jack and the two of them shared a look. Will had been without a forge for over six months, it was a wonder they had seen him at all since sailing into Port Royal. Jack's eyes went roving again and his hands got into the act as well, his fingers tracing the slight swell of Elizabeth's breasts over the top of the corset.

"Stop that," Liz said, smacking his hand away. "It's bad enough the Margaret knows you're in here. Doing that with you right now would only make things worse."

"First Will, now you," he said with a frown. "What's the point in having two lovers if neither of them ever wants to do any loving?"

Even though she knew it was a trick, because Jack Sparrow was never as put out as he pretended to be (and just that morning she, Jack, and Will had done things on that bed that would make the whores of Tortuga blush), Elizabeth took pity on him. Pulling him forward, she pressed her lips against his, sighing with pleasure when he responded instantly. After a moment, she pulled away, her need to breath overwhelming her need for Jack.

"Happy now?" she asked, smiling up at him.

Jack shrugged. "Happier, maybe," he conceded before making himself comfortable on the bed again. He watched as Elizabeth returned to dressing, feeling slightly disappointed that clothes were going on instead of coming off. "And just what am I supposed to do while you and Will are playing the happy couple?"

Elizabeth raised a brow. "Playing the happy couple?" she asked archly. "We are a happy couple. And you can do whatever you want. I'm sure father would love to see you."

Jack knew for a fact that that was not true, but the idea of sitting at a table with the Governor and the Commodore was an amusing one.

"Of course," Elizabeth continued calmly, "if you did happen to join us, you might find yourself in the Port Royal jail for the second time this day." She turned pinned Jack with a look. "I doubt Ana would be willing to rescue you a second time."

Jack sighed. "Bloody Commodore," he said, annoyance in his tone. "I knew he couldn't keep a secret."

Elizabeth smiled. "Jack, you can get arrested as many times as you please," she said, highly amused. "In fact, I'm sure you're doing Norrington a favor. I doubt he's had as much fun since the last time you came to town."

Remembering the night before the wedding, when Jack had caused a brawl at not one, but two bars, engaged in a swordfight with the crew of a rival pirate ship, and gotten himself and the groom arrested for everything from public indecency to stealing a chicken, the captain smiled.

"Best night I've had in years, that was," Jack said on a sigh.

Elizabeth frowned. "You're just lucky Will made it to the church on time," she told him, not enjoying the memory nearly as much as Jack had. "You're even more lucky that Will talked me out of wringing your neck."

Jack flashed her a smile. "If Will didn't adore me, just think of how boring your life would be, luv."

Because it was true, Elizabeth smiled. Meeting Jack Sparrow had changed her life and she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. "And if I didn't like you at least a little, Will wouldn't be with you at all," she reminded the captain.

Jack rolled his eyes. "I hate intelligent women," he muttered. "Always have to have the last word."

Elizabeth laughed, her mood greatly improved. She didn't even mind wearing the damn corset anymore. Jack had the most ingenious ways of removing them.


She had really been hoping that Jack would behave himself. She knew from personal observation that he could do so, although those few occurrences had only happened in Will's presence and only in the dark of night, as if Jack felt his secrets would be swallowed up by the darkness, never to be heard from again. But, the point was, she had seen Jack serious, seen him without the swagger and the mad grin. Captain Jack Sparrow was far deeper than most people gave him credit for.

And after living on board his ship for the last seven months, she should have known he would never allow anyone else to see what little vulnerability he possessed.

On the plus side, Jack had not been arrested, thanks to her father who had simply forbidden it from happening, declaring Jack pardon whenever he happened to be within the walls of the Governor's house, much to the Commodore's dismay and Jack's very obvious delight. But the captain had managed, within the space of an hour, to insult the Commodore, make one of the maid's blush a shade of red she hadn't even known existed, and scandalize the guests by making suggestive comments about Elizabeth's breasts and Will's mouth. And while she agreed wholeheartedly with the praise of her husband's talents, she was not quite prepared for Port Royal, or her father for that matter, to know that Jack was sampling the charms of both husband and wife.

When dinner was finally over, the guests rushing out of the house as if the Devil himself had set up residence and staying there would condemn them all to an eternity in the fiery pits of hell, Elizabeth's father had sent her a look of such disappointment that it actually brought tears to her eyes. Without warning, she had rounded on Jack and the sound of her fist hitting his cheek echoed through the room. She waited just long enough to make sure she'd drawn blood before she rushed up the stairs, the sound of her bedroom door slamming telling the entire household just how upset she was.

That was over an hour ago and she was still fuming, fury making her blood boil, as she paced the length of the room.

"All I wanted was three days," she muttered angrily as she made another pass of the room. "Three days in which to visit Port Royal, convince my father that I was fine, and then we could leave and be as we pleased." She stopped in front of the bed and whirled to face her husband, her face flushed red in anger. "Is three days too much to ask for?!"

Will sighed and shook his head. Reaching out, he took Elizabeth's hands in his and pulled her close. "No, it's not," he said softly as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her to him. "We should have left him on the Pearl with the rest of the crew."

Elizabeth summoned up a smile. "We tried, remember?" she said as she looked down into her husband's deep brown eyes. "Jack said something about wanting to take a turn around the smithy."

Recalling the comment, Will smiled. "Curiosity will be the death of us," he remarked. Remembering just what "taking a turn around the smithy" meant, Will shook his head. "I will never be able to look at another anvil again without the image of Jack bent over it popping into my head."

Elizabeth laughed, her mood improving as she basked in Will's touch. Leaning down, she brushed her lips against his. "Is that why you've been sending so much time in the smithy these days, Mr. Turner?" she asked, brow raised in question. "The better to remind yourself of what a wanton Captain Sparrow can be with the right incentive and a little liquid persuasion."

Will chuckled and shook his head. "Fun as it was," he conceded, "I don't think I can make my back bend in that direction again." He sighed as he turned Elizabeth around and started to undo the buttons of her dress. "I suppose I have been spending most of my time locked up in the smithy, haven't I?"

Elizabeth nodded as she slipped the dress from her shoulders, stepping neatly out if it and hanging it back up on the wardrobe. "You have," she said softly, her eyes returning to his. "But I can understand that. If I could, I would be right there with you."

Will gave her a smile. "Well, tomorrow, we'll be back on the Pearl, and this will all seem like dream." He paused and frowned as he undid the laces of her corset. "Or maybe a very bad nightmare."

She moved away from Will to put the corset away, glad to be rid of the cursed thing. "Promise me that I will never have to wear one of those things again," she demanded, rather absurdly since Will really had no control over what the latest fashions demanded of women.

But Will just smiled and said, "I promise."

Wrapping arms around her husband, Elizabeth leaned forward, sending them back against the pillows. "Where is Jack, by the way?" she asked, her previous anger forgotten.

Will chuckled, his hands roaming the length of his wife's back. "Does it matter?" he asked, his lips moving along the column of her throat.

Elizabeth smiled, her head tilting back to give him better access. "Not anymore, it doesn't," she said a little breathlessly.


She awoke to the feel of fingers trailing gently down the line of her spine. She shifted lightly, arching against the caress as it journeyed down her back. She blinked sleepily, her gaze resting on the still and silent form of her husband beside her. Their earlier activities had left him exhausted and she allowed herself a smile as she leaned forward and brushed a kiss against his brow. But when those fingers dipped lower, running lightly along her waist and then down her hip, she couldn't stop the moan that issued from her throat.

She heard Jack's low chuckle, felt the warmth of his breath ghosting along her skin, but it was the sight of Will's dark eyes staring intently into her own, the feel of his thumb, callused from his constant work at the forge, brushing lightly along her bottom lip, that sparked the flame of desire within her. Jack could work wonders with his hands, his light touch making her breath catch in her throat, but Will's fingers knew every secret her body possessed, and the thought of his hands on her never failed to make her hot.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak, but the words caught in her throat as Will leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly against hers. Parting her lips beneath Will's, she deepened the kiss, her tongue darting out to tangle playfully with his. She felt the mattress shift as the Jack settled on the bed beside Will. Her eyes drifted shut under the assault of her husband's mouth, and she could imagine Jack above them, watching intently as they kissed, his nearly black eyes flashing with desire.

Elizabeth was well aware of which of the two of them Jack truly wanted, the one who had the strongest hold on his heart. He would let them have their time to indulge themselves in each other, his way of thanking her for letting him share what should have been hers and hers alone, but he would not wait long before he set about reminding Will that Elizabeth wasn't the only one in their bed. She knew the exact moment Jack's patience snapped; when Will leaned over her, his hands coming up to cup her face as his mouth moved with more urgency on her, the bed sheets slipping off him, presenting Jack with a length of smooth, golden tanned skin and she swallowed Will's moan as the captain's mouth moved over his flesh.

"I'm feeling extremely left out," Jack's whisper sounded loudly in the silence of the room and she felt Will shiver in her arms.

Will dragged his lips from hers and flashed her a smile. Elizabeth rolled her eyes, but she sat up long enough to catch Jack's mouth with her own. "You taste like Will," the pirate said when she pulled away a few moments later. "But I like it better from the source."

Elizabeth couldn't stop the smile that formed at his words. "Then go right ahead," she offered magnanimously. "I don't mind watching."

And it was true. While the part of her that was still the Governor's sheltered little girl felt it was very, very wrong, a stronger part of her liked watching her husband and the pirate together. She had no complaints about Jack in the bedroom; the man put the same enthusiasm into making love as he did to raiding ships and captaining the Pearl. But there was something different about the way he handled Will, it was as if his one goal in life was to make Will feel as wonderful as possible. Jack took his job seriously, and she gleaned much pleasure from watching the pirate drive her husband right over the edge of ecstasy.

It affected her no differently now, and she sat back, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, her breath coming in shallow pants, as she watched Will roll onto his back and Jack placed his knees on either side of his hips, her eyes riveted to the spectacle before her as Jack's lips trailed down Will's torso, his tongue dipping into his navel suggestively. When Jack's tongue followed the line of dark hair that led to Will's well-shaped cock, she couldn't watch any longer. Her mouth covered Will's just before Jack enveloped Will's velvety smooth flesh in his mouth. She swallowed down his cry of pleasure, moaned one of her own when Will's expert fingers parted the lips of her sex, his thumb brushing against the little nub of her desire as his fingers delved inside her.

"Come 'ere, luv," Jack said after a moment, tearing her attention away from the pleasure of Will's touch.

Reluctantly, she moved away from her husband's fingers, but she didn't complain when Jack's hands settled on her hips and he guided her over Will's cock, still slick with the evidence of Jack's mouth. A second later, she could feel Will deep inside her, filling her completely. Her back against Jack's chest, she rested her head on Jack's shoulder, her moans of pleasure echoing in the stillness of the room.

Reaching blindly behind her, Elizabeth wrapped her fingers around Jack's cock, her hand working his flesh in time to Will's thrusts inside her. She could feel Jack's hands on her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers; she could feel Will's fingers at the apex of her thighs, his thumb brushing unerringly over the spot designed to send her over the edge.

Elizabeth came first, Will's name an inarticulate cry on her lips. As her walls clenched around Will's cock, her fingers tightened involuntarily on Jack's, and she felt the warmth of Jack's seed on her hand just as Will spilled himself inside her. Exhausted, she fell forward, her head resting on Will's chest as Jack collapsed on the bed beside them.

For a moment the only sound in the room was their breathing. And then, Elizabeth raised her hand to her lips, her tongue darting out to taste the liquid there. "Will's right," she said after a moment. "You taste salty, but sweet."

"Like rum and the sea," Will said breathlessly. "I'm surprised he hasn't got it running through his veins."

Jack smiled, his eyes closing as he nestled against Will's side. "So, am I forgiven?" he asked absently, not appearing to care what the answer was either way.

Elizabeth nodded sleepily. "I'd forgiven you before you came skulking into our bedroom," she informed her, giving him a steely look before her gaze softened. "But I thank you for the wake up call all the same."

"Anything for you, luv," he said with a smile. She watched, smiling despite herself, as Jack brushed his lips against Will's shoulder before drifting off into sleep.

Tomorrow they would be back on the Pearl, free to live and be as they pleased. Elizabeth smiled. She was looking forward to going home.


Elizabeth stood on the deck of the Pearl, watching as Port Royal faded slowly away in the distance. It wouldn't be long now before no land was visible at all and she sighed.

"You don't look as happy as I thought you would," Will said softly as he moved to stand beside her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her close. "What's the matter?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "I know we were only gone three days," she said, her eyes still turned towards the town she had called home for so very long. "And I missed being here, but Port Royal was home to me for so long. Leaving it behind is always hard, even though what I'm leaving it for means so much to me. I find I miss it a little more every time we leave."

Will nodded, understanding what she was feeling, even if he did not mourn the loss of Port Royal as much as she. Though he had spent almost half his life in Port Royal, it had never been home, not truly. He had never considered the tiny house he shared with his mother in England home either. After his father left for the sea, what had once been home had merely become a house filled with broken promises and shattered dreams. Each day his mother waited for his father's return and each night the hope died a little more. And then one day, he had come home to find out that he was now alone.

And that was how he'd felt since then, even when he'd befriended Elizabeth and Port Royal had become his home. Alone, with no ties to anyone or anything, with no family to call his own. It wasn't until he met Jack and learned a little bit about the father he never knew that he started to feel as if he belonged.

There were times when he wondered what it meant that he felt more at home with Jack on the Pearl than he ever had in Port Royal with Elizabeth, despite how much he loved her. He tried not to dwell on those thoughts too much, fearful of where they might lead him.

Instead, he focused on the present, on living a life that he enjoyed with the two people he loved most by his side.

And for now, that was enough.