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The Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic Archive

By Land and By Sea
He is bound to land by Elizabeth and bound to the sea by Jack.

Obtaining the Dream
Will has gotten exactly what he wanted. What happens now?

The Importance of Ink
A visit to Tortuga leads to rum, body art, and the reluctant sharing of friendly feelings.

The Sharing Will Turner Series

Sharing Will Turner
Sharing isn't easy, especially not for the one being shared.

Straightening Out Jack Sparrow
Anamaria shows Jack the light, not that she's happy about it.coming soon

Enlightening Will Turner
Elizabeth knows all, and she enlightens her husband in the most delightful way.

All it Takes
Whores and pirates and the end of sexual tension.

Discussing Terms
Love and lust has been acknowledged. Now the only question is who gets Will when.

By Silver Bound
One late night, Will and Jack talk rings.

To Governor's House We Go
A day in Port Royal, where Elizabeth must do her duty, Will makes a whole lot of swords, and Jack is, still, public enemy number one.

Midnight Confessions
Jack and Elizabeth get a few things out in the open.

In which the inevitable happens and life must change.

When All is Said and Done
Looking back, Will remembers the way life used to be, and tries to forget how badly he wants it back.

Together Again
Eighteen year old Isabelle Turner remembers what brought her to where she is today.