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Title: Sharing Will Turner
Author: Tamara
Rating: PG
Pairings: Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, and a hint of Ana/Will
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and its lovely characters are owned by Disney. Archive: My page, eventually. If you want it, ask me first.
Summary: Sharing isn't easy, especially not for the one being shared.
A/N: I swear, I told myself I would not write Pirates fic, because I'm not good at it. But when something pops into your head, you can't help but get it out. Sometimes, it works in your favor, sometime's it doesn't. You tell me if it worked out this time.
A/N2: Pirate speak annoys me to no end, so Ana doesn't speak it. Trying to get it perfectly imperfect would have taken years off my life. It's just not worth it.


Anamaria looked up at the sound of a door slamming, shutting out apologetic voices, and smiled to herself when she saw Will emerge from the captain's cabin, his stride telegraphing the anger clear in his eyes. She'd learned much about Will Turner the few short months he and Elizabeth had been aboard the Pearl, including a few that had managed to surprise even her.

Will was smart and strong, loyal and brave to the point of stupidity, but he managed to keep a lot hidden behind those pretty brown eyes of his. In the heat of battle, you never knew exactly what he was thinking, what he was planning next, a trait that had saved the captain and crew of the Black Pearl on more than one occasion. As long as Elizabeth was safe, Will didn't seem to mind doing something mad and daring to achieve his goals, a fact that Ana found endearing, annoying, and more than a little familiar.

But there were some instances in which Will's eyes truly were the windows to his soul, and there were certain things he just could not keep hidden. One of them was his love for his wife, visible to any and all who watched them together, the other his affection for the captain, obvious in his willingness to follow Jack Sparrow into any situation, even certain death. There was no doubt that Elizabeth and Jack were the two most important people in his life, and there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to make them happy.

And that's when the third thing he couldn't keep hidden came into play. If his love for his wife and his captain were obvious to the world, so, too, was his annoyance when the two of them pushed him to the very limits of his patience.

"Everything alright, Will?" she called out, amusement coloring her tone as she watched him pace the deck.

At the sound of her voice, Will looked up, his eyes flashing dangerously as he made his way toward her. She raised a brow in question when he unsheathed his sword and presented it to her. "Kill me," he demanded, and there was no mistaking the sincerity in his voice. "Kill me now, because if you don't, I'm going to throw my wife *and* the captain off the boat."

Try as she might, she couldn't quite stop the smile that crept across her face. "Now, Will," she said, taking the sword from his hands and placing it back where it belonged. "You don't really mean that, do you?" When he continued to glare at her, she said, "Just think, month after month at sea without Elizabeth in your bed and Jack by your side. Surely, you don't mean to give that up."

For a moment, he looked tempted to run himself through with the sword, but then common sense prevailed and the anger fled and was replaced with resignation. He sighed, running his hand through his hair, loose today, the curls fluttering in the breeze. For not the first time, Anamaria admired the very fine picture the blacksmith made standing on deck, anger flowing off him in waves. Looking at him now, it wasn't hard to see why Elizabeth loved him, why Jack did everything he could to keep him near.

"They're going to be the death of me," Will said after a moment, his eyes moving to look out at the sea. "One day I'm going to fling myself into the ocean, never to be heard from again."

It wasn't like Will to be dramatic, that was what they had Jack for, and Ana couldn't help but laugh. "It's not as bad as that?" she asked, genuinely concerned for her friend's mental state.

The look he gave her wiped the smile off her face.

"I am only one person," he told her with a sigh.

Ana gave him a sympathetic smile, understanding his comment immediately. "And if they keep pulling you in two different directions, things are bound to get messy." Her understanding, plus the little face she made at the thought of Will, split in two, all over the deck, earned her a smile. "Maybe, Will, you need to decide."

There was a flash of pain in his eyes, deep and heartbreaking, before he turned his attention back to the sea and the faint trace of land several miles away. It was a conversation they'd had before, when Elizabeth and Jack's wants clashed with Will's needs, when trying to please them both only made things worse for him. It didn't happen often, and the three always managed to solve whatever problems between them in a timely manner, the animosity between them almost instantly forgotten.

She and Will had become quite close during those nights, sitting on deck under the moonlight, sharing their thoughts and frustrations. But when the anger passed and she watched him walk back to his cabin, the whisper of his lips on hers and the murmur of his thanks echoing in her ears, she always wondered what would happen if ever he had to choose.

Will heaved a sigh as he turned his back on the sea and his eyes met hers. "There are times when I want to wake up in the morning and not wonder about which port we're sailing into next," he said softly, and Ana could hear the longing in his voice. "I want to kiss Elizabeth goodbye, spend my day making the perfect blade, and come home at night to find her there, waiting for me. There are days when being Will Turner, blacksmith, and having all that entails would make me the happiest man in the world."

"And the other times?"

"The other times the only place I can think of being is here, on the Pearl, with Jack," he replied with a shrug.

She smiled slightly at the pictures he presented, vastly different, but each one uniquely Will, the blacksmith and the pirate. "Where is Elizabeth while you're off looting treasure at Jack's side?"

"Right there with us," he replied without hesitation. "Probably singing that damned song she and Jack are so fond of as they rifle through chests of gold and silver."

Ana nodded, regarding him sternly. "And while you and Elizabeth are playing house, attending dinner parties or whatever it is the husband of the governor's daughter does, where is Jack?"

"Sitting across from Commodore Norrington, scandalizing the guests," he answered, his lips lifting in a smile despite himself. "Or at the estate, terrorizing the maids."

They shared a laugh, and Ana watched as, once again, Will relaxed, the anger and frustration easing out of him. "Seems to me, Will," she said when their laughter died away, "that you already know what you want. You just have to make them understand."

There was a long silence as Will thought about her words. When he turned back to her, there was a smile on his face and his eyes, once troubled, were calm. "You know, I should have fallen in love with you," he said softly, and there was enough sincerity in his tone to make her wonder what might have been.

"Instead you chose a high-spirited Governor's daughter and a mad pirate," she said, flashing him a smile. "Obviously, you're an idiot."

He smiled. "Obviously." They stood there a moment, staring into each other's eyes, and then Will leaned close and brushed his lips lightly against hers. "Thank you, Ana."

Ana nodded as she tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear. "You're welcome, Will, as always."

This time, he was the one left watching as she made her way to the captain's quarters. They would be reaching land soon and Jack had neglected his duties as captain long enough.

And while she was down there, maybe, just maybe, she could remind Jack and Elizabeth of what was important. Sharing Will Turner might not be easy, but living without him would be far worse.