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Title: By Silver Bound
Author: Tamara
Rating: PG-13
Series/Uni: Sharing Will Turner
Summary: One late night, Will and Jack discuss wedding rings.
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Disney, as do all of the characters.
Distribution: My page. Want it? Mail me.
A/N: This takes place in the SWT universe, which I love so very much.


Will had nice hands.

Long fingers, nicely callused palms, his grip strong and sure. On an almost daily basis, those hands made Elizabeth moan in pleasure and Jack beg for more. Will's hands could be gentle, when stroking the smooth skin of Elizabeth's back, which had once been pale as moonlight but was now as golden as the setting sun. Will's hands could be rough, when wrapped around Jack's wrists as his captain took him to heights of pleasure he never would have known if he hadn't met him, loved him.

The only thing marring their perfection was a livid white scar across his palm, a reminder of adventures past.

Jack looked at them now, his fingers tracing the scar, another thing the three of them shared, linking them together in ways nothing else could. He stopped when he reached the place where finger met palm and he toyed with the simple silver band.

"Why silver?" he asked softly so as not to wake Elizabeth, who was sleeping peacefully against Will's other side.

Will shrugged, shifting his wife more comfortably in his arms. "It was Liz's idea," he replied with a smile. "She said that every wedding band she had ever seen was made of gold. She wanted ours to be different, another symbol of the uniqueness of our relationship."

Jack looked faintly amused. "Uncommon rings for an uncommon couple," he said with a shake of his head. "The two of you can be so bloody romantic."

Will smiled, not the least bit offended. "And would you have us any other way?"

There was nothing Jack could say to that, nothing that wouldn't be a lie, so he wisely kept his mouth shut. Instead, he slipped the ring from Will's finger and examined it closely. "What's it say?" he asked after a moment.

"ES and WT," Will answered as he eyed the inscription. He smiled when Jack rolled his eyes. "Notice anything else?"

Jack squinted, trying to make out what was next to the letters. When he realized what it was, he looked up at Will and cocked a brow. "Is that a bird, luv?" Will nodded, taking the ring from Jack's hand and slipping it back on his finger. Jack smirked. "Another of Liz's ideas?"

"No," Will replied. "That one was mine. Although Liz was very disappointed she didn't think of it first."

"And why, exactly, do the two of you have birds engraved on your wedding rings?" Jack inquired, as he moved closer to the blacksmith.

Will sighed as Jack's hands moved over his chest, igniting pleasant sensations as they made their way to their prize. "I think you know," he said, biting his lip to keep from crying out.

Jack nodded, flashing Will a knowing smile. "But I think I want to hear you say it."

Will opened his mouth to speak, a gasp escaping instead when Jack's fingers found what they were looking for. But Will had nice hands, long fingered, the palms nicely callused, his grip was strong and true.

And Jack decided that the tale of the bird, engraved in the space between Will and Elizabeth's initials, would have to wait for another time.

After Will put his hands to work.