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Title: Obtaining the Dream [1/1]
Author: Tamara
Rating: PG -- W/E, J/W
Summary: Will's gotten exactly what he wanted. What now?
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the House of Mouse.
Distribution: My site, eventually. Want it, let me know.
A/N: This is short (417 words) and simple, and not very descriptive. But it staved off boredom for fifteen minutes and, thus, served its purpose.


He had planned to live in Port Royal for the rest of his life. It was his home, the only one he could remember with any clarity, the only one he cared to claim. Though he had nothing to tie him to the place except a job and a dream, he had planned to grow old there, to die there, and, if he was lucky, find some kind of happiness in between.

Then Elizabeth had been kidnapped and he'd set out to rescue her. And he did; it hadn't been easy, but he'd done it. Rescued fair maiden, gained fair maiden's love, and was well on his way to happily ever after. But once he'd gotten the one thing that had existed only in his wildest fantasies, he had to find something new to dream, something else for his heart to hold on to, to strive for.

In the end, Elizabeth had broken things off with him, with teary eyes and promises to love him forever. And he believed her, he did, but he wasn't nearly as heartbroken about the end of Will and Elizabeth as he should have been.

Two weeks later, his new dream came sailing back into Port Royal.

Obtaining dream number two hadn't been nearly as difficult as attaining dream number one. It had taken him years to finally gather the courage to tell Elizabeth how he felt about her, years to get her to admit that she felt the same towards him. It had only taken him two hours and one bottle of the Governor's finest rum to get Jack to admit that he wanted him. Ten minutes after that Jack was showing him things he'd never thought possible, making him feel things Elizabeth never had.

Sometimes, when he's lying in bed at night, Jack's arms wrapped warm and comforting around him, he wonders how long it will take the glow of attaining the dream to wear off, if he'll tire of living the life Jack leads as he had with Elizabeth.

And if he does, he wonders what dreams he'll have to chase after next.