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Drabbles and Ficlets
Where the drabbles and ficlets live.

The thoughts are always there, under the surface.

Too Long Gone
Justin's in LA. Brian misses him.

Hunter has a birthday.

Sequal to Seventeen.

California or Bust
Michael comes back from LA. Brian wishes he'd shut up about it.

Twelve Days in Paradise
Justin spends his last 12 days in the Pitts with his two favorite people.

Falling Away
Justin knew, the minute he told Brian about Brett's offer, that Brian would be an asshole about it.

One Step Behind
Life isn't the same for Brian without Justin.

Stranger Things
Justin and Hunter find common ground.

Those bedside drawers are still empty.

What Brian knows.

Gus has a birthday. Justin has no cash.

Lover Alone Without
Awkward encounter #5. Set after ep. 507.

Coming Home
Justin decides it's time to make a change.