after.midnight // v.naked
title: stranger things
summary: hunter and justin find some common ground.
disclaimer: the boys aren't mine.


If anyone had told Justin that Hunter's crush on Brian would fade into non-existance and they'd end up being friends, he would have laughed his ass off and told them they were crazy. Hunter was seventeen years old and Justin had hated teenagers when he was a teenager. There was absolutely no way he'd voluntarily hang out with one. But, amazingly enough, it happens. Hell doesn't freeze over and pigs don't sprout wings and fly. Hunter just walks into the diner one day, sits down across from him, and announces, "Michael says that, next to Brian, you're the coolest person he knows." Since his impression of Justin hasn't exactly been favorable, Hunter understandably wants to know why.

So, Hunter asks him question after question about himself, with the occasional inquiry into the size of Brian's dick and his skill at cock sucking, and Justin asks a few of his own and somehow, between the burgers and the ice cream sundaes Deb forces on them, they form a bond.

Michael thinks their friendship is the best thing that ever happened and actively encourages any time they spend together. Every one of his conversations begin, “Justin and Hunter went…” and “Hunter and Justin did…” and it drives everyone

Brian is by turns amused by their friendship and annoyed by it. He thinks it’s funny when Justin’s hanging out at Michael’s playing video games and watching Adult Swim with Hunter until the wee hours of the morning. He finds it less funny when he comes home from work horny, only to find Hunter stretched out on his couch, getting potato chip crumbs all over his Italian leather.

Justin didn’t think he’d have much in common with a kid, but Hunter isn’t your ordinary seventeen year old, just like he isn’t your ordinary twenty year old. They’re two kids that had to grow up way too fast, older, wiser, and more experienced than their peers. They’ve seen things and done things most teenagers haven’t, done things most people haven’t.

It’s one of the things that, once they get past all the bullshit, makes them such good friends.