after.midnight // v.naked
title: Untitled
summary: what brian knows.
disclaimer: brian and justin aren't mine.


Brian knows that Justin's it for him. He'll be damned if he'll say he'll never love another man the way he loves Justin. He'll hardly admit he loves Justin the way he loves Justin, but he knows that no matter how many men he fucks or sucks or eyes on the street, there will never, ever be another man for Brian Kinney.

He doesn't believe the same holds true for Justin. Brian thinks that if they went their separate ways, Justin would find someone else fairly quickly. He'd throw himself into his new love, body and soul, and he'd look back at the old one with a few fond memories and plenty of ones he'd much rather forget.

Brian believes this because he's pretty sure he loves Justin a lot more than Justin loves him.

He hasn't been in many relationships, but he's pretty sure that's the way it works. There's always one partner that loves the other a bit deeper, needs the other a bit more, feels about the other a bit stronger. And though he really hates to admit it, especially after going all those years successfully avoiding just such a situation, Brian knows that he's the one who loves deeper, needs more, feels stronger.

He's never felt about anyone the way he feels about Justin. He's knows he never will.